GPTBee - User Help Guide.

This help guide has been created to assist all of our worldwide members in understanding how works and operates. And also How you can make money.

We hope it will be one of the useful guide for those who are really new Here.

It is more important that you understand How to Make Money with our We would like to let you know some basic points and step in completing offers and making cash with us.

How GPTBee. Works.

We always want you to complete offers correctly to maximize the chances of the advertiser approving each offer you do.
Our advertisers will only pay us when you complete offer and it gets approved. Every time you complete an offer and we will get some basic commission. Which means you will get paid and then only we will get commission.

We request you to complete offers using legit information (No junk (or) Fake) . completing offers in cheating will not get you paid or either us.

How You Can Make Cash With Us!

1.To start making cash with us. Put your mouse over on the "Offers" Tab and Check list of earning opportunities we offer. The powerful tools.

2. We have offers on different categories such as, Daily surveys, Downloads, CPC, Videos, and more.. . Make sure to check each categories and choose an offer which you like to do.
We recommend you to keep checking every categories as we add new offers everyday :-)
For more information see the image bellow.

3. We recommend you that you understand the Offer "Requirements" and complete what our advertiser is requesting you to do. Once completed submit it for the advertiser review. Our offers credits instantly.

4. To provide an extra Earning opportunities we have partnered with many of Popular "Offerwalls" That will provide tons of new offers everyday. We are currently offer 15+ Offerwalls.

Offerwalls are really Recommended to every country to check as every Offerwall will be updated with new offers, So No matter whatever country you are living in, you will always find offers. So you must try Our offerwalls to maximize your earnings.

5. You can also earn with us 'Free Cash" By referring your friends and family. We offer referral commissions life time. You can earn 10% from your direct referrals and 5% from your 2nd Level referrals.

Your referrals are life time. They will never expire. Refer more and earn more. Use your referral banners to refer. You can find your banners from the top navigation.
Share our Beautiful Referral Banners everywhere you like to use and build your strong downline.

5. That's it.

Earn by all of our above opportunites and Redeem your cash and rewards to your preferred methods. We offer multiple ways to redeem your Cash. Giftcards & E-wallet's. See the image bellow.
Currently members can withdraw through Paypal, Amazon, Skrill for internation members. And direct Bank wire transfer for our beloved Indian members.

Thank you for reading.
GPTBee - Admin.

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